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The Best Online Computer College Degree Programs

The Best Online Computer College Degree Programs

An online computer science degree demands full completion of a four-year university program in the field of computer technology. By enrolling in such programs via the Internet, prospective students have the possibility to set up their learning time according to their preferences. During an online Computer Science Degree program, students will study systematically the academic foundations of computations, information, applications, implementations and workable techniques of computer technology.

A computer science degree earned online is in fact a multifaceted certification procedure which consists of some basic phases that each technical expert has to overcome, for instance web design, computing system development and security system integration. This course is best suited for those who have a particular interest in computer technology and are really enthusiastic in pursuing a career in this field.

College students pursuing an online Computer Science Degree program choose this professional course due to several factors. The leading reason is the worldwide utility and application of computer tech. Variety is one more important facet in this career, offering several opportunities in various professional areas.

In addition, the recruiting process is very dynamic as career opportunities within the field of computer technology are set on an ascending path, and financial benefits exceed the standard remuneration. A four-year university program in workstation science provides the essential information to competently carry out computer technology software applications. As in any other study-discipline, computer tech students might pursue a specific subdivision within this field such as web design, Q.A., software configuration and management.

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Students considering a postgraduate degree can also pursue several optional courses to continue their education. The required coursework for an online workstation technology degree includes both academic and professional challenges. The starting salaries are set according to the sub-field in question. This certification significantly enhances ones chances to deal with the latest applied sciences. It also leads to a successful and a rewarding career that is in increasingly high demand.

Online Computer Science Degree programs provide a high-quality education, that has been accredited with numerous industry-credentials, often making it a favorite choice among undergraduates and graduates. An online accredited computer tech degree is is the perfect program for numerous aspiring IT specialists. The accreditation of an online computer science degree program is a fundamental issue for both employers and employees as long as they want to reach IT professional standards. Therefore, if you're considering an online program in the field, you can rest assured that its accreditation confers it the best quality and it meets all proper academic standards.

Best Online Computer College List
Colorado Technical University. Colorado Technical University offers a wide array of computer science-related bachelor’s degrees online, including B.S. degrees in cyber security and information technology. The cyber security degree has three potential specializations, including a general track, and tracks for information assurance and computer systems security. The information technology major has seven specializations, including: a general track, data management, security, network management, software application programming, software systems engineering, and a web development track. The information technology degree requires 184 total credits, while the cyber security track requires two more, though the CTU “Fast Track” allows for experienced professionals to test out of courses they already have expertise in, allowing for around 1/3 of the program to be bypassed.
Oregon State University. Oregon State University’s B.S. in Computer Science (online) is a special post-baccelaureate program that builds off of your previous degree (B.A. or B.S.), allowing for you to get a B.S. in computer science in as little as one year. The program assumes your knowledge of previous core requirements, and allows students to take only computer science courses. The program may be started in one of four terms, and at a one-year, two-year, or four-year pace. For students that need additional experience to segue into the post-bacc program, an 8-credit introductory course is offered. The minimum number of credits needed to complete the program is 60. Tuition is $322 per credit for the introductory courses, and $461 per credit for the remainder of the program. Effectively making the program $27,660 without the introductory courses, and $30,236 for program with introductory courses.
Florida State University. Florida State University offers both B.A. and B.S. degrees in computer science through their office of distance learning. Both degrees can be completed in 2 years by full-time students, or in 4 years for part-time students (assuming general education requirements have been met). The B.S. program helps students to become proficient in C, C++, and Assembly Language, as well as exposing students to other languages like Java, C#, Ada, Lisp, Scheme, Prolog, Perl, and HTML. Both degrees require the completion of 120 credit hours worth of classes. Tuition and fees are equivalent to current tuition ($215.55 per credit hour in-state, and $721.10 out-of-state) plus a distance learning fee. There are a number of programs through which tuition can be lowered to market or in-state rates, however.
Old Dominion University. Old Dominion offers distance learning opportunites leading to B.S. degrees in computer science, computer engineering technology, and information systems and technology, as well as a certificate in cyber security. For the B.S. in computer science, 71 credit hours of required (after 49 general education requirements are transferred from another program). Program costs vary from $299-$314 per credit hour, bringing the current total tuition to somewhere between $21,229 and $22,294 after general education requirements have been met (this is a degree-completion program). For those wishing to continue with more education, an online M.S. in computer science is available from Old Dominion, as well as a Master’s in Engineering focusing on modeling and simulation.
Colorado State University–Global Campus. Though Colorado State University–Global Campus’ program is technically a bachelor’s in information technology, the program’s goals are similar to computer science programs, in that they seek to produce high quality software developers, computer programmers, systems analysts, and support specialists. The number of specializations provided by the program is quite astounding, numbering at 22. Specializations range from data management and analysis, to healthcare informatics, to strategic communications. Tuition is locked into place when you enroll, so you can plan ahead for schooling costs with confidence. Currently the Fall 2014 Undergraduate Tuition Rates are $350 per credit, or $1,050 per course. With zero transfer credits, this would bring a four year 120 credit program total to $42,000, about on par with many public schools.
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