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Top 3 Fastest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Top 3 Fastest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

In our world today, having a degree can be the difference between obtaining a good job and having a hard time finding one. And since this is such an important part of making a life for ones self, many are realizing how essential it is to get a good degree. Even those who are older and have experience in their field are now going back to school. For these people, finding a good college is not the question, but rather, What is the fastest way to get a degree? It is totally possible to obtain a degree quickly, but this will involve some careful planning and discipline.

Start strong and know what you want to do. Many college students are too indecisive about what they wish to take as their major. In fact, over half of students will switch their major multiple times before graduating. Not only will this make your dreams of finishing a degree quickly impossible, but it will also put you farther behind.

If it is not possible for you to determine for sure which degree that you wish to pursue, at least start by taking as many general education classes as you can. These classes are general and will be accepted for any degree.

Do some research before you choose a college. Some colleges may offer the same degrees but with varying time periods required to complete them. Make sure that college you are interested in will only require a four years to complete the degree rather than six.

Top 3 Fastest Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

You also need to do your own legwork to ensure that you are staying on top of your credits. If you can fit more classes into your schedule, do it.

Colleges have been known to make mistakes often with students schedules. If you are serious about graduating quickly, you will get a list of the credits required for your degree and make sure you are getting them in each semester.

Find out what your college offers in the way of taking classes at various times. Many colleges offer night classes, summer classes, and interims. If you can discipline yourself to take a few of these each year, them you will end up far ahead of your class and well on your way to graduating early.

The fastest way to get your degree is to do your degree through an accredited online college that offers accelerated degree programs. Accelerated online degree programs are designed specifically to reduce the time it takes to finish your degree. With an accelerated program, when used with the other steps, you can complete a full bachelors degree in under two years.

Below you’ll find the top 3 fastest schools for earning an online bachelor’s degree. Choosing one of these schools can save you a considerable amount of time and money – and quite possibly put you on the road to achieving your dreams sooner.
#1. American InterContinental University. American InterContinental University offers two dozen different bachelor’s degree options online. You can study subjects ranging from business to criminal justice and from healthcare management to information technology. AIU is an especially good choice for students who are looking to graduate faster and who have already completed college credits elsewhere. The school’s generous transfer policy allows students to transfer up to 75 percent of the college credits needed to graduate from other institutions. Students who transfer the full amount of credits can complete the remaining 25 percent of credits needed to graduate in as little as 9 months as well as save a great deal of money on tuition. Even if you haven’t completed extensive college studies at another school, you can still shorten your time to graduation by choosing AIU. American InterContinental University awards prior learning credits for a wide range of experience types, including military experience and law enforcement training, passing scores on AP tests and CLEP exams and work experience as portrayed through portfolios. Online learning at AIU allows for flexible scheduling and multimedia course materials to help you earn your college degree your way.
Minimum Time to Graduate: As little as 9 months.
How Students Graduate Faster: Accelerated degree program, transfer credits, prior learning credits
#2. Saint Louis University. Since 1818, Saint Louis University in Missouri – identifying itself as “one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious Catholic universities” – has educated students in the Jesuit tradition. As the school approaches its bicentennial anniversary, it now educates close to 13,000 students not just across the United States, but nationwide. The school’s long history and regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission aren’t the only factors that make it reputable. St. Louis University’s focus on community service has earned the school recognition as a “character-building college,” and the institution has achieved numerous honors and rankings. The Princeton Review included St. Louis University on its Best Midwestern, Green Colleges, and Best 381 Colleges lists. U.S. News & World Report recognized the private institution in several of its college rankings, including:
  • National Universities (tied for 96th place)
  • Best Value Schools (55th place)
  • Best Colleges for Veterans (tied for 62th place)
  • High School Counselor Rankings (tied for 83rd place)
  • Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs (tied for 151st place)
  • Business programs, at 10th place for Entrepreneurship programs and 11th place for International Business programs
Saint Louis University takes online education seriously. At the undergraduate level, the school offers more than a dozen majors, as well as a number of minors and certificate programs, for online students. Possible programs of study include aviation management, computer information systems, general studies, hospitality management, industrial psychology, organizational studies, project management, security and strategic intelligence, social work and strategic communications. Many of these online degree options are part of Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies, an adult-focused program aimed toward educating students 22 years of age or older who have at least three years of work experience. While the institution offers a “flexible, accelerated schedule” for its online certification and degree programs, how long your program will take can vary. Students who have already completed some college studies elsewhere can graduate faster. The school’s transfer policy allows students to transfer “an unlimited number of credits” from four-year colleges and, in most cases, as many as 64 credit hours from community colleges. If you transfer the maximum number of credits, you only have to complete 30 credit hours at Saint Louis University to graduate – which can be done in as little as a year. Students in the R.N.-to-B.S.N. program, specifically, can complete their studies in just two semesters (or nine months).
Minimum Time to Graduate: As little as 9 months
How Students Graduate Faster: Degree completion program, transfer credits
#3. Capella University. If you’re looking for a school that offers plenty of undergraduate degree options in less than two years, consider Capella University. The for-profit university is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but educates students primarily through online learning. Capella University has earned regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. Since its founding in 1993, Capella University has awarded 68,950 degrees. Students at Capella range from age 19 to age 84, but the average age is 39, making the school a great choice for adult learners seeking a degree that will help them advance or switch careers. About 89 percent of Capella University students are enrolled part-time, but those who choose full-time study options can complete their degrees quickly. Around 18 percent of students at Capella are either active military personnel or veterans. The vast majority of learners at Capella University – 82 percent – receive some form of financial aid to help offset the costs of their education.
Capella University offers 52 degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Bachelor’s degree programs include studies in business, information technology, psychology, nursing, health sciences and criminal justice. Different programs take different lengths of time to complete, but programs that incorporate the school’s FlexPath direct assessment option offer the shortest time to graduation. Business administration students can earn their degrees in just nine months if they transfer the maximum amount of credits and take a full load of classes per term. Students studying information assurance and security can complete their degrees in just 15 months by transferring the average number of credits. Depending on transfer credits, 18-month study plans are available for students in the criminal justice program, the health care administration leadership program and the R.N.-to-B.S.N. degree completion program. Business intelligence students 20 months if they transfer the average number of college credits. Students can also shorten the length of their education by earning competency-based credit for prior learning as well as credit for work experience or by transferring up to 75 percent of credits from a previous college experience.
Minimum Time to Graduate: As little as 9 months.
How Students Graduate Faster: Transfer credits, competency-based learning, accelerated schedule, prior learning credits
If you truly want to graduate early, you can make it happen. Simply stay focused, keep records, and make sure you are well informed and fit in extra classes when you can. You can make it happen. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4391236, https://www.degreequery.com/fastest-online-bachelors-degree/
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