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Top 5 Affordable Online MBA Degrees

Top 5 Affordable Online MBA Degrees

An online Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is an ideal foundation for management positions in almost any company or organization. The core courses are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business, including accounting, marketing, human resources, and operations management. If you're interested in pursuing an MBA to further your business knowledge or advance your career but don't have the time to attend class, then an online business university may be the best choice for you.

Top 5 Affordable Online MBA Degrees

As the most popular type of master's degree available, most online universities offer an MBA degree program. While many MBA programs are similar, each university has their own requirements, curriculums and concentrations from which to choose. It may be beneficial to take a look at a few universities before making the decision on which you want to register with. You'll also want to consider the cost of an MBA, and if your company will help pay for furthering your education. Below is a list of ten of the most affordable online MBA programs to help narrow your search.

5 Most Affordable Online MBA Degrees

  1. American InterContinental University - Coursework at American InterContinental University's online business program is structured to help students develop their goals while attaining a comprehensive core of business knowledge. The average cost for an MBA at American InterContinental University is $29,474.
  2. Keiser University Online - Keiser University uses a "one class at a time" approach which allows students to fully concentrate on each course before moving on to another. It is also easier to complete an online business degree at Keiser because new classes begin each month allowing you to take off some time without missing out on an entire semester. The average cost for an MBA at Keiser University Online is $23,226. Keep in mind, however, that because they offer one class at a time, it might take longer to receive your degree.
  3. Liberty University - At Liberty University an emphasis is placed on high ethical standards throughout all online business program courses. MBA students have the option of choosing one of four concentrations in addition to their regular coursework. An MBA degree at Liberty University will cost an average of $19,125.
  4. Upper Iowa University - MBA courses at Upper Iowa University focus on applying theoretical principles and practical experience to business situations and problems. The average cost for an MBA at Upper Iowa University is $15,561.
  5. Western Governors University - According to the school's website, the MBA online business program at Western Governors University is designed for "experienced business professionals seeking upward career mobility, as well as individuals with "real world" experience who are interested in attaining additional knowledge and skills in business management and strategy." An MBA degree at Western Governors University will cost you $3,250 per 6-month term, and you will need to complete 12 courses. The total cost depends on how many courses you choose to complete during each term.

When researching the cost of an MBA online, it is important to note that each school will list their tuition and fees differently. Some charge per credit hour or per course while others make you pay tuition per semester or year. Some even charge a flat rate for as many classes as you can handle. Be sure to do the math so that you know you are comparing all the tuition and fees correctly. If you are unsure as to how many credits/courses constitute an MBA degree, go to our online degree section and click on MBA degree. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5368090

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