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Top 5 Online Colleges That Accept Financial Aid

Top 5 Online Colleges That Accept Financial Aid

The misconceptions about Scholarships and Financial Aid are endless. The most common is that it is: "Getting a scholarship is hard" people think that your chances are so slim, like 1 in a million. That is not the case at all. The truth is the more scholarships that you apply for the more you increase your chances of actually getting a scholarship.

The same principal goes for college grants as well. The difference is in the application process because with grants in some cases you need a co-signer. However the guidelines for college grants aren't as strict as those of scholarships. With scholarships you have to take a specific amount of courses and maintain a specific GPA. With student loans...forget about it lets just focus on getting scholarships and grants free money for college.

College Scholarships are Free

The first thing that should come to mind when you think about college scholarships is the word free.
You do not have to pay to apply for a college scholarship. When you see advertisements for a scholarship that is not free that is a red flag and most likely a scam.

Applying for Scholarships Online
  • When you apply for scholarships online there are a few things to expect: 
  • Within a few days of being awarded with that scholarship you should receive a phone call from a representative of that organization.
  • An email confirmation with the information you provided
  • A pin number or password if you are using a scholarship search
  • Information abut additional scholarship opportunities that you are eligible for Combining Scholarships and Financial Aid
The title of this paragraph is self explanatory: "Yes you can Combine Scholarships and Financial Aid. Many people don't realize that you can combine financial aid: Scholarships, Grants and student loans can all be used in conjunction to pay for your College Tuition. Also you can use multiple sources of each for example: You can use more than 1 scholarship, grant or student loan - you can have as many of each that are needed to pay for your tuition.

Top 5 Online Colleges That Accept Financial Aid

Misconceptions of Scholarships & College Financial Aid:
  • It is hard to find scholarships -False use a scholarship search
  • Universities and Colleges are the only sources that provide scholarships
  • You can only use scholarships from the school your are attending -False you can find other scholarships and grants from private organizations
  • Student Loan Consolidation is the best option -False sometimes it can hurt your more than it can help you
  • You can't apply for scholarships if you aren't currently enrolled in school -False you can always apply for scholarships 
  • Every scholarship requires an essay to be submitted -False some just require a standard application
  • You can't get a student loan without a co-signer- False
  • You can't get a student loan with bad credit -False
There are 2 free scholarship searches provided at scholarshipsupport.com. Also many people think that they are allowed to use one scholarship, you can use as many as you need to pay for college. As far as student loans go, student loan consolidation isn't always the best option. As said before focus on using scholarships and grants to pay for college; student loans should be a last resort.

Top 5 Online Colleges That Accept Financial Aid

What kinds of college-sponsored aid can you expect from online colleges? Here are just a few examples of the money some of the larger online programs make available:
  1. Penn State World Campus provides multiple scholarship opportunities designed specifically for online students. World Campus students may also compete for the same funding resources available to Penn State campus-based students.
  2. Keiser University’s scholarship programs offers a variety of scholarships ranging from academic to financial for students who meet the criteria set by the University. Recipients must be enrolled in an associate, bachelor, or master’s program.
  3. Kaplan University’s tuition reduction initiatives include scholarships up to $12,750 and grants from corporate partners. Other discount programs provide assistance to returning Kaplan alumni and international students, as well as current and former military service members and their spouses.
  4. The University of Phoenix offers multiple scholarships to prospective and current students, and the school often works with nonprofit partners to provide additional funding options. Institutional scholarships of up to $10,000 and grants of up to $1,500 are also available to eligible students.
  5. Walden University advertises over $1 million dollars in total scholarships based on academic program and level of study. For example, Walden’s Commitment to Higher Education Leadership scholarships provide three $25,000 awards.
If you are interested in applying for school-sponsored funding, contact a financial aid advisor to find out more about eligibility requirements and application deadlines.
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