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Top 5 Online Music Courses College

Top 5 Online Music Courses College

Online schooling opportunities are accessible to students who are looking to obtain a degree in music. There are numerous schools and colleges that offer online degree training in the field of music. Students can prepare for the career they desire by enrolling in a number of online schooling programs. Music education programs online allow students to prepare for careers in music therapy, technology, education, and more. Students may have the chance to study courses such as music theory, composition, instruments, performance, and much more depending on the level of degree. Online degrees in music are available at an associate's, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree.

Top 5 Online Music Courses College

An associate's level degree can be obtained after completion of a two-year program with an accredited online school. Acquiring an associate's degree can give students the ability to pursue careers related to the music industry. With an associate's degree, students will be able to find employment in media production, music recording, musical journalism, and more. Students who choose to enroll in an online educational program can learn about:
  • music theory
  • history
  • songwriting
...and other related subjects. With an accredited associate's degree program students will gain the skills to pursue a bachelor's degree or enter the workforce.

Accredited online schools are available to offer educational training at a bachelor's degree level. A bachelor's degree can take around four years to complete for those looking to study music. The curriculum may vary depending on the students desired career outcome but may consist of courses in production, theory, performance, instruments, and more. Students who earn an accredited bachelor's degree will obtain the skills and knowledge needed to work as music directors, instrument designers, band directors, and more. A degree at a bachelor's level will allow students to pursue higher education and earn a masters degree if they desire.

There are numerous schools that offer accredited online master's degree programs which allow students to acquire skills in a variety of areas. A master's degree in music can take students an additional year depending on their specialization and educational goals. Online coursework may consist of studying music history, sound, recording, technology, and other courses. With a masters degree program, students can train to become music teachers, musical historians, musicologists, researchers, and more. Certificate programs can also be completed online after obtaining a masters degree if students choose to acquire specialized education.

A doctorate program in music can also be earned through a number of online educational programs. Students can complete career training at this level with an additional two years of study. Accredited schools and colleges allow students to study subjects like sound technology, musical recording, genres, instrument repair, teaching, and other areas of study. Online programs train students for careers as music coordinator, music therapist, band director, music teacher, and other related professions. With a doctorates degree, students can pursue the career of their dreams.

With accredited degrees and certificates available from various online music schools and colleges students can train for a career without leaving home. Accredited online educational prospects present a way for students and professionals to obtain the career training they desire. The National Association of Schools of Theatre (http://nast.arts-accredit.org/) accredits schools that provide the best educational training. Pursuing an online education in music gives students the opportunity to train in the areas that interest them most. By enrolling in the program that best fits their needs and goals students can start the path to an exciting new career today.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at PETAP.org.

Top 5 Online Music Schools
For our list, we selected online music schools, courses, and degrees, that met the dual criteria of being high in intellectual rigor and national reputation while also preparing musicians for a real-life career. In short, we selected music schools that offer a great online music education that is also “top” of the line in terms of real-world career clout.
#1. The Juilliard School
Top 5 Online Music Courses College
Juilliard has existed for over 100 years and is well-respected worldwide. In the past few years, they have expanded their education offerings to the online format. Though they are just getting started, their background in education is of a high caliber, so there is a lot to learn from them. Specialties can range from specific instruments as an individual to group work and music composition. The course offerings can meet many needs but keep in mind that the high acclaim comes with a high cost. Since they are brand new in this field, this entry is more of an honorable mention than a true ranking, but they've paved the way for art education and will likely adapt to this new setting as well. The cost per credit varies by program.
The Juilliard School
60 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023


#2. Berklee College of Music Online

Top 5 Online Music Courses College

Berklee College of Music, in Boston, is Juilliard’s working-class sister. Juilliard wears ballet slippers. Berklee wears high-top sneakers – tap shoes at times. Berklee has earned the right to call itself “the world’s premier learning lab for contemporary music.” Berklee alumni have grabbed more than 200 Grammys. That’s enough to qualify this 50-year-old music school as a top online music college contender.
Berklee Music Online does not offer degrees, but they do offer 150 practical music courses online. Learn Music Production for TV – hey, a Berklee alum is the lead composer for the Simpson’s TV show – or master Music Business, Songwriting, or Classical Guitar. Online courses are 12-weeks long and can be bundled into virtual certificates for students who want to build specific skill sets.
We like that Berklee offers career certificates online. Online certificates are trending – they cost less than a degree and convert well to job currency – and a certificate from this top music school is certain to jazz up any resume.
You can also sample online music courses for free through the Berklee Shares program. But we don’t give these freebies a standing ovation. They are designed mostly to up-sell Berklee’s online music certificate programs. Still, a free lesson in guitar chords never hurt anyone.
Bachelor's Degree Programs:
  • Music Production
  • Guitar
  • Music Business
  • Songwriting
  • Interdisciplinary Music Studies (Create Your Own Major)
  • Songwriting and Producing Music
  • Electronic Music Production and Sound Design
  • Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games
Graduate Degree Programs
  • Master of Music in Music Production
  • Master of Arts in Music Business
Acceptance rate: 32% (2015)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 41,530 USD (2017)
Mascot: Mingus the Jazz Cat
Total enrollment: 6,405 (2016)

Berklee Online
855 Boylston St, 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02116
Main Line: 1.866.BERKLEE (US) / 617.747.2146 (international)
Fax Line: 617.747.2149

Email: advisors@online.berklee.edu
Phone: 1.866.BERKLEE ext 1 (1.866.237.5533 ext 1) within the U.S. or 617.747.2146 ext 1 for international callers.

Email: finance@online.berklee.edu
Phone: 1.866.BERKLEE ext 5 (1.866.237.5533 ext 5) within the U.S. or 617.747.2146 ext 5 for international callers.

Financial Aid (degree students only)
Email: financialaid@berklee.edu
Phone: 1.866.BERKLEE ext 4 (1.866.237.5533 ext 4) within the U.S. or 617.747.2146 ext 4 for international callers.

Email: registrar@online.berklee.edu
Phone: 1.866.BERKLEE ext 2 (1.866.237.5533 ext 2) within the U.S. or 617.747.2146 ext 2 for international callers.

Student Support
Email: support@online.berklee.edu
Phone: 1.866.BERKLEE ext 3 (1.866.237.5533 ext 3) within the U.S. or 617.747.2146 ext 3 for international callers.
Business hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m ET


#3. Full Sail University Online

Top 5 Online Music Courses College
Gary Jones standing in front of posterJuilliard produces artists; Full Sail produces entertainers. Graduates of this top online music school kick ass in the entertainment business. Rolling Stone once called Full Sail one of the 5 top music programs in the country. Amen. We proclaim Full Sail one of America’s coolest ever online music career colleges.
Full Sail was founded over thirty years ago in Ohio and is now a Floridian oasis for musicians whose goal is to crack the musical career nut known as Hollywood. Gamers and graphic artists, as well as musicians, flock like gulls to the Florida campus, and now to the school’s large line-up of online music degrees.
We recommend this online music school as a top pick for anyone interested in the business side of music. Agents, producers, talent handlers, directors, business managers, and multimedia developers, get on the digital bus for this hot school. Full Sail offers online bachelors in music production, and the entertainment business, as well as an online masters in the entertainment business.
Music & Recording Degree Programs:
  • Audio Production Bachelor's 
  • Audio Production Certificate 
  • Music Production Bachelor's 
  • Recording Arts Bachelor's 
  • Show Production Bachelor's
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 57,000 USD (2017)
Mascot: DC-3 airplane
Total enrollment: 15,500 (2016)
130 University Park Dr, Winter Park, FL 32792, USA
Phone: +1 407-679-6333


#4. Academy of Art University
Top 5 Online Music Courses College
Though based in San Francisco, Academy of Art University offers many programs for distance learners. Included in their offerings is BFA programs in Music Production, Music Scoring and Composition and Sound Design. In each of these programs, you have the flexibility of creating a full time or part schedule and you can complete those courses at your own pace. In the Music programs, students learn techniques in not only the creation of the music but also the technical aspects that come from editing and production. Graduates have gone on to work for large companies, such as Apple and Sony Pictures.
Major Programs:
  • Music Production
  • Music Scoring & Composition
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 23,727 USD (2016)
Graduation rate:
31.5% (2014)
79 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Phone: 1-800-544-2787 or 415-274-2222



#5. Valley City State University
Top 5 Online Music Courses College
Valley City State University is a national leader in online music education. Through our innovative courses and online programs, individuals may take courses from our expanding list of offerings. Students may also bundle our online courses into one of our online certificates, or continue and complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Music in the online format. Students in our programs have included military members serving overseas, non-traditional students, those working in full-time jobs or with large family commitments, or students at other institutions who need a music course and need to take it in the online format. We are fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).
Acceptance rate: 90.3% (2014)
Total enrollment: 1,285 (2010)
Undergraduate tuition and fees: Local tuition: 6,674 USD (2015), Domestic tuition: 15,070 USD (2015)
101 College St SE, Valley City, ND 58072, USA
Phone: 1.800.532.8641, Press 1 then enter Ext. 37272

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